Design and complete a dyno testing program of motors and batteries

  • Include any new motors or batteries that can be found
  • Publish results
  • Create updated gear sheet for each motor
  • Offer guidance regarding car design

Develop telemetry and car communication

  • Receive telemetry from all three cars
  • Establish reliable voice communication to and from the cars

Install electronics in your car

Prepare and maintain the car’s batteries

Keep records for the car’s performance

  • Maintain set-up sheets for every time the car runs
  • Maintain telemetry records of each run
  • Advise the crew chief regarding set-up



Students work together in teams to design and build one-person electric vehicles. Here's a look at how Cougar Electric Car Company is organized.



Design the car  

  • Aerodynamics to design a more efficient shape
  • Test the shapes in the 1/10 scale wind tunnel
  • Look into the factors contributing to rolling resistance
  • Consider center of gravity and its impact on handling and stability
  • Consider steering geometry and steering systems and their impact on
    size and stability
  • Read the rule books carefully and look for advantages

Build the car

  • Learn the skills necessary to build the design
  • Apply the math to complete the strength of the frame and the geometry
    of the steering

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Cougar Electric Car COmpany

Promotion team

Promote alternative energy

  • Preferably in the range of 7 to 8 competitions in 5 states
  • Preferably in the range of 25 displays

Put on the Midwest Speed Trials

Produce three newsletters during the year

Maintain a company web page

Develop needed graphics for shirts and cars

Complete a picture and video history of the year  

Show the cars in each sponsor's venue

Raise the money to sponsor the car and support the company needs

Write the necessary documentation for the car