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The Cougar Electric Car Company was founded by Kennedy shop teacher, Barry Wilson, and two students.


Kennedy's first electric race car was built


Three new cars were designed and built by an enthusiastic team of 10 members. They were unveiled in the season-opener at Hawkeye Downs Speedway in Cedar Rapids. During this race, Matt Miller, driving the #41 Lynch Ford car, was clocked at an astounding 57mph. The team had an amazing year, sweeping 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at most of the competitions. At the end of the season, the majority of the team graduated, taking much of the team’s experience and knowledge with them.  


A group of seven new team members with little-to-no experience in car design or building decided to jump in where the previous team left off. Using a wind tunnel to test design options, the team developed some very innovative and promising designs. They placed second in every race they entered. Cougar Electric was awarded the FINE (First In the Nation in Education) Award by Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack.  The team was one of only five K-12 programs in the state to receive the award and the first electric car program in the world to win such a prestigious award in education.


The Cougar Electric Car Company hosted the first annual Toyota Financial Services Midwest Speed Trials. More than 30 cars participated in the inaugural two-day event.


The Cougar Electric Car Company joined in the fight against cancer with the "Just Drew It" exhibition vehicle, dedicated to the memory of classmate Drew Wall, who last his battle with cancer at age 16. The team takes the vehicle to Coaches vs. Cancer events, spreading awareness and raising money to support cancer research.


Kennedy's first round-bottom car, the 985, was built. The documentation team had an excellent year, earning the highest score in Wisconsin electric car history for the 984 proposal packet, with a final score of 199/200

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