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Work has already begun for 2020.  We are in the midst of ….


  • Attending several fall shows and educational activities

  • Designing a new 2019 car

  • Planning changes on two existing cars

  • Expirmenting with Lithium Batteries in our 983 car

  • Planning the Midwest Speed Trials

  • Planning to use both the wind tunnel and chassis dyno in design


These are lofty goals and they will cost money. We hope you consider becoming a sponsor or partner. A financial plan for the past year is included within our prospectus. We accept any size donation. Sponsor dollars are the only way that the goals that we have can be reached.  It is also tax deductible!


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Our 2019-2020 Sponsors

Alliant Energy 

Collins Aerospace

Doyle Masonry


Hall Bicycle 


In Tolerance

Iowa Fluid Power Electro-Hydraulic Automations




Travel Leaders Destination Unlimited


Wildside Bail Bonds


As a thank you to our sponsors we put their logos on our cars and trailer. This year we are doing something new: if a single sponsor donates $3,000 or more an entire car  is dedicated to them, their logo will be the only one covering the car.

The logo of our partner Hall Bicycle on the 983's nose

Our sponsors Wildside Bail Bonds and Collins Aerospace on the nose of the 985

Our sponsors Doyle Masonry, Alliant Energy, and Intolerance on the tail of the 984

Our sponsor Doyle Masonry on our trailer

Our sponsors Alliant Energy, Sunline, and Dodie and Don Wendt on our trailer