Mechanical Engineering


Aerodynamics and Design

The job of our aerodynamics and design team is to make 1/10 scale models of our cars, then advise the crew chiefs either where to make their car more aerodynamic, or if the crew chief is making a new car, tell them which parts of other cars to copy and what parts to do differently. They also help the crew chief that is making a new car with his design. The current member is Lucas Corrigan.

Crew Chief

Our crew chiefs are responsible for designing and building their car, or any changes made to it throughout the year. They also work with their drivers at the races to ensure the best possible performance by their car. They also have the unofficial responsibility as class leaders. Our current crew chief for the 984 is Jakob Davis, the 985 is Colin Flannagan and 983 is Dylan Bower. All current crew chiefs have an assistant they are training to take over that car when they graduate. Current assistants are Mathew Morrow for the 984, Camron Cox for the 983, and Christian Gasper for 985. 



Our machinists have the duty to work with the crew chiefs to make the parts they need to either improve their cars or the make parts for the new car we build that year. They use a lathe, mill, and various other shop tools. Our current machinists are Sam Boleyn, Anthony Berckes, and Jesse Hempstead.

Electrical Engineering


Batteries and Trailer Maintenance

Our battery technicians have several jobs including battery care, testing, and general trailer maintenance. The team takes care of the batteries by fully charging them after every race and freezing the batteries to preserve them. To test the batteries they set up a car on our dyno tester then run the old batteries through trials to find out how usable they are for the upcoming season. They are also in charge of keeping the trailer clean, neat, and organized at all times. Our current battery technician is Noah Wilson who is working with Colton Saudacher and Anthony Hoeger.



A good documentation book can make the difference between pulling off a win and taking the big L in Electric Car. The job of our documentation writers is to provide that extra push that gave our team the state championship in Nebraska and Wisconsin last year. This year, with a bumper crop of new writers and no old ones, our Documentation team has their work cut out for them. Our team includes Brian Stubblefield, Kaylia Richards, and Sheridan Harmon.

Since Cougar Electric Car receives no funding directly from Kennedy High School, we have to raise 100% of the funds we need every year to operate. The promotion department is in charge of fundraisers and outreaches to raise money. The promotion department has no fully committed members but is primarily run by the Documentation team. 



Our cars look great on their own, but our graphics department makes them look even better. The graphics department has numerous jobs, including; T-shirt design and production, number board production, trailer graphics, and car graphics. Headed by Keira Zortman and Kaylee Osborn, the current team includes Victor Sagastume and Alex Robbins.